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9 Sep 2018
Gran Premio di San Marino - Race

#SanMarinoGP Race. Difficult Sunday for Alma Pramac Racing: Jack crashes on lap 3, Petrux struggles in the first half of the race.

2018-09-09T18:46:44+02:009 September 2018|News|

It was a difficult Sunday for Alma Pramac Racing. After the convincing performance of qualifying, Jack Miller and Danilo Petrucci were not able to be effective in the race. Jack started well from the second position but on la 3 he crashed when he was with the leading group, finishing P18. Petrux didn't

8 Sep 2018
Gran Premio di San Marino - Qualifying

#SanMarinoGP Q. Showtime Jack: P2 after a crazy Saturday. Petrux will start from P8

2018-09-08T18:17:05+02:008 September 2018|News|

It was an extraordinary Saturday for Alma Pramac Racing. Jack Miller wins an amazing second place and celebrates with the team at Parc Ferme. Danilo Petrucci goes fast and finishes less than two-tenths of a second from the front row. Jack makes a masterpiece in the FP3 – on a track still humid

6 Sep 2018
Gran Premio di San Marino - Free Practices

#SanMarinoGP FP – Convincing start for Petrux: P6 after Friday’s free practices. Unlucky day for Jack.

2018-09-07T17:44:03+02:006 September 2018|News|

The first day of free practice for #SanMarinoGP ends with a precious P6 for Danilo Petrucci who mortgages the direct qualification to Q2 in case of bad weather tomorrow. Jack goes very fast in the morning and in the time attack seems able to record a great time. In the last sector, however,

10 Sep 2017
GP di San Marino e della Riviera di Rimini - The RACE

Stunning Petrux leading until last lap and on podium again. Super Scott from 19th to 7th

2017-09-10T20:59:16+02:0010 September 2017|News|

Once again on the podium, for the third time this season, the second in Italy after Mugello. Petrux was fantastic and has brought to Octo Pramac Racing an extraordinary Sunday. Scott gave extra enthusiasm at the team party with a good seventh place. Over Misano the rain was constant through all morning, and

9 Sep 2017
GP di San Marino e della Riviera di Rimini - Qualifying

Petrux fights in Q2 and conquers a precious P8 at #SanMarinoGP. Seventh row start for Scott.

2017-09-09T17:36:33+02:009 September 2017|News|

A good Saturday for Danilo Petrucci, who gives Octo Pramac Racing the third row in the “Gran Premio of San Marino e della Riviera di Rimini”. Scott can't find the right feeling in Q1 and ends in 19th position. After dominating Friday's free practice, Petrux shows that he is also in confidence on

7 Sep 2017
GP di San Marino e della Riviera di Rimini - Free Practices

A dominant Friday for Petrux at #SanMarinoGP: P1 after first day of FP. Scott struggled

2017-09-08T17:19:30+02:007 September 2017|News|

It was an outstanding Friday for Octo Pramac Racing as Danilo Petrucci dominated the FP2 by finishing in first position the first day of free practice for the “Grand Prix of Misano e della Riviera di Rimini”. Some more difficulties for Scott who couldn’t fight for the Top 10 finishing in 16° position.